Hello, my name is Alex.

Here is where I share how you can heal your gut and balance your hormones through deliciously natural food, stress management and self care.

Our gut is the bodies health hub. When it's balanced it gives us;

  • glowing skin
  • steady mood
  • functioning hormones
  • more energy
  • great digestion

After years of experiencing skin problems, shortness of breath, anxiety spikes, irregular cycles and the inability to cope with stress, I was diagnosed with a condition called SIBO

SIBO affects the bodies digestion and results in a weakened lining of the small intestine, causing leaky gut syndrome.

When this happens, food leaks through the lining into the bloodstream, causing lots of problems like eczema, low mood, missed periods and malnutrition.

Being diagnosed with a leaky gut has led me to choose a lifestyle where I eat whole foods free from;

  • gluten
  • caffeine
  • refined sugar
  • dairy
  • soy
  • eggs

I also practice self care daily, and have put tools and techniques in place to help manage stress and live life confidently, with purpose.

If you're struggling with a similar problem I hope my story can help you x